Universal Beauty

From the very beginning of Vintner’s Daughter, we have adopted a nature-first approach to skincare. We believe that all answers may be found in nature. This is why we search the world over for the very finest sources of 22 botanicals and why we spend weeks infusing our formula with their powerful nutrition.

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Optimal Nutrition and Ratios

As a result of our time-honored formulation methods, Active Botanical Serum delivers over 60 of the most optimal ratios of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fatty acids. This is a powerful cocktail made up of many of the same nutritive building blocks as your skin. As a result, your skin recognizes our actives as its own and puts them to work immediately to repair, regenerate and renew.

Universal Efficacy

We believe that beauty is as varied as the universe we live in today, so it is important to us that Vintner’s Daughter works wonderfully on everyone. Because all skin thrives off the same nutrition, Active Botanical Serum can be universally effective at treating all skin types, ages, genders, and tones. At Vintner’s Daughter, we celebrate it all.

Beauty is Everywhere

True beauty is something that is not always easily identifiable. Sometimes, it is not a physical characteristic at all, but a feeling of confidence, or the presence of pure, unfiltered joy that shows itself in the form of a gorgeous grin or twinkle in the eye. In other words, you know when you see the abstract, fluid nature of beauty.  There is no single definition or concept of beauty.

The modern beauty icon has no boundaries. Their unique beauty comes from a more true place; from their beliefs, words, and actions, not a hair, eye color or weight.

Founder, April Gargiulo