A Gentler Approach: Micro-Exfoliation

A bit more kindness—especially towards yourself—is always beneficial. The same applies to skin, especially when the complexion sends off distress signals in the form of inflammation and irritation, a sign that you may be doing too much. Think of micro-exfoliation as a kinder, gentler choice, one that delivers all the performance factors you want from a good exfoliant—smoothing, refreshing, renewing—without the harsh tactics. 

Beyond the hydrating and nourishing benefits, Active Treatment Essence was uniquely formulated to deliver micro-exfoliation, a boon for your skin in more ways than one. When followed with Active Botanical Serum, your skin is not just gently rejuvenated, but ultra-healthy and well-cared-for.

No Scrubbing Required

The reason it is easy to go too far with exfoliation is that the glow-boosting benefits are undeniable, and therefore a bit addictive. But aggressive or overly frequent scrubbing with physical exfoliants—which contain small granules or particles—on the surface layers of the skin can damage the skin’s protective barrier, causing tiny tears which allow hydration to escape, or worse, lead to red, inflamed skin. Active Treatment Essence was formulated with this in mind, and instead uses natural acids and plant enzymes to deliver a daily dose of gentle micro-exfoliation. Rather than scrub off dead skin cells from the surface layers of skin, these acids and enzymes dissolve the bonds between these unwanted hangers on, which then easily fall away to allow newer cells to rise to the surface. This process not only does away with dullness, it supports optimal cellular turnover.

Renewal, Delivered Daily

With micro-exfoliation, no longer do you have to wait days or weeks between each refresh. Active Treatment Essence is gentle enough to use daily, even for sensitive skin, thanks to methodical formulation methods and a targeted group of ingredients chosen for their exfoliating benefits. Lactic acid, sourced from seeds, is a member of the water-soluble AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) family, and widely considered to be the ideal, gentle exfoliator for those with sensitive skin. Our formula also includes phytic acid, which, in addition to brightening, has been shown to specifically target the root causes of skin congestion that lead to blackheads and enlarged pores. Added to this are the fruit enzymes bromelian, found naturally in pineapple, and papain, derived from papaya, both of which work to clarify the skin surface.

Actives You Can Combine

In addition to rejuvenating benefits, regular exfoliation also allows subsequent products to work more effectively. Whereas most exfoliants should not be used on the same day as other active products, such as topical retinols, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum work together to deliver powerful, skin-renewing benefits as part of your daily routine. As the first step after cleansing, the micro-exfoliants in Active Treatment Essence go to work removing dead skin cells and surface residue as its aqueous formula deeply hydrates multiple layers of the skin. This allows your next step, Active Botanical Serum, to beautifully sink in, delivering nourishing moisture that seals in hydration, along with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A (as beta carotene), which is readily absorbed by the body and naturally converted into revitalizing retinol. Think of this two-step routine as a way to gently care for your complexion, while still achieving your best skin yet.

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