Get Glowing With An At Home Facial Massage

At a time when even the smallest act of self-care can have a huge impact on our daily lives, we are rediscovering the benefits of a calming facial massage. Effective at relieving tension and supporting your allover glow, pairing a bit of pushing, pressing, or rolling with your daily application of Active Botanical Serum can prove fortifying for both body and mind.

The Benefits of Facial Massage

SUPPORTS YOUR GLOW: A general benefit of any massage is improved blood flow. For skin, this means an increase in the oxygen and nutrients brought to the complexion, which leads to improved overall skin health and that highly coveted, lit-from-within glow.

HELPS CONTROL INFLAMMATION: Poor microcirculation beneath the skin leads to a congested lymphatic system. Toxins that build up are expelled through the skin, leading to inflammation, breakouts, dryness, and fine lines. Pairing massage with ingredients that have been shown to support microcirculation—frankincense and cypress for instance, both ingredients found in Active Botanical Serum—can help support a well-functioning lymph.

OFFERS TENSION RELEASE: We all hold tension in our facial muscles, especially during times of added stress. This can be especially true for those of us who tend towards clenching of the jaw. A facial massage can help release some of this muscle tension and has even been shown to have skin-firming benefits.

PROMOTES WELL-BEING: Setting aside a few minutes every day for a gentle face massage can have a positive impact on your overall sense of well-being, especially when paired with a series of slow, deep inhales of Active Botanical Serum’s naturally lush scent.

The Steps To Get Started

We developed our Push/Press method as a form of massage, designed to stimulate blood flow and increases microcirculation as you distribute Active Botanical Serum. By firmly pushing and pressing into your skin for 30 seconds, you are creating a pump-like action that increases circulation. We’d also suggest gently pushing your index finger into the lymph node behind your ears to help stimulate detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

You can follow this with a firm sweeping of the fingers over both sides of the face, working from the center outwards, and sweeping the fingers from above the eyebrows upwards towards the hairline on the forehead. Face rolling tools can also be great ways to do a face massage, and many are made from naturally cold stones that offer extra calming to the skin, especially when chilled in the fridge. Just remember to always roll in upwards motions rather than up and down. 

Curious about our founder, April’s facial massage routine? Just visit our IGTV for her step-by-step tutorial. 

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