To create the best of anything, you must start by sourcing the very finest quality ingredients and raw materials. Taking the time to discover where certain ingredients are optimally produced is no easy feat, but the results are overwhelmingly worthwhile. One way we think about sourcing at Vintner’s Daughter is through the idea of terroir.

Terrior is an almost magical idea that all of the environmental factors associated with growing crops in a specific region give the produce character and create an optimal environment for the vegetation to thrive in. Perhaps you prefer wines from Bordeaux, France, because of the distinctive, complex taste the dry soil in that region imparts in the wine. Maybe you only use neroli essential oil from a trip you took to Marrakech because you swear you can smell the local Seville oranges in the intoxicating oil — the ingredient standards are noticeably elevated, which is apparent in its quality.

At Vintner’s Daughter, we interpret terroir in our own way: by allowing the principle to help guide our meticulous ingredient sourcing process. After years of traveling the globe, our team discovered 22 growers who have been perfecting their crafts for years, and sometimes, generations. They have a very full, deep understanding of and respect for the crops they passionately produce.

The lavender we source from Grasse, France is fragrant and packed with rejuvenating properties because the region offers well-drained soil and warm, sunny summers. Our bergamot, which hails from Calabria, Italy, — and area known for its warm, humid microclimate — is able to thrive in these optimal growing conditions. We are grateful that Vintner’s Daughter is rooted in the idea of honoring these lovingly-grown, thoughtfully sourced ingredients and their producers.