Rosehip, which is the antioxidant-packed fruit of the rose plant, is prized for its ability to protect the skin, boost cellular regeneration, and minimize acne scars and breakouts.

Rosehip is a multi-tasking miracle worker that is full of fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E, which deeply nourish the skin. Strategically infused into our formula for maximum effectiveness, rosehip oil leaves the complexion rejuvenated and brighter, which is why it is a beloved ingredient in Active Botanical Serum.

High-Altitude Beauty

We source our organic rosehip from the Andes mountains in South America where it has been grown for centuries for medicinal purposes. The high altitude growing condition creates a strained environment for the rosehip to develop in, which incredibly, causes it to have amplified concentrations of its skin-beautifying nutrients. What doesn't kill these plants makes them stronger and better.


Active Botanical Serum delivers foundational nutrition to your skin through our incredible ingredients. Rosehip is just one of 22 multi-correctional plants in Active Botanical Serum working to brighten, balance, and heal your skin. Results happen quickly and also expand over time as your skin becomes stronger, healthier, and more resilient.