The Wonders of Plant Intelligence

In the rush towards the newest and latest, age-old truths can get pushed aside or forgotten. Our approach to skincare is a modern-day honoring of ancient wisdom around the transformative power of plants.

The term plant intelligence may not be in common usage, but it’s something we have all witnessed—think stubborn weeds that just won’t quit or the way certain flora open and close with the sun. By harnessing the innate—and sometimes unfathomable—ability of plants to defend themselves against the elements and actively respond to their environment, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum are able to deliver natural powers of resilience and health to the skin.

Developing Survival Superpowers

Certain plants have been revered in medicinal communities throughout time and across cultures for their ability to protect, heal and nourish the skin. Oftentimes they are weeds, such as dandelion or nettle, especially hardy botanicals thanks to well-developed methods of survival and defense. Others, such as rosehip found high in the Andes mountains, have managed to stand strong in the face of conditions that are anything but ideal. Whether they contain high levels of free-radical fighting antioxidants to combat oxidative and environmental stress, unique cellular detoxification and regeneration abilities, especially concentrated phytonutrients, or natural antimicrobial properties, the plants chosen for Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum are a targeted group of whole botanicals with innate properties that deeply support, heal and nourish skin.

Healing Delivered Whole

Identifying the powerful attributes of certain plants is a good start, but fully harnessing them requires going further. This is why we source many of our ingredients as whole plants—a practice stretching back centuries—even though the use of plant extracts is the norm today. We do this to protect the potency, strength and resilience of all those incredible defenses and learned responses. Our ingredients, grown by conscious growers around the world, are coming to us from nature, with all of the synergies and systems that they need to work their healing magic still intact.

Adopting Nature’s Pace

We see ourselves as in service to the beauty and power of these botanicals, and harnessing their unique attributes to transform skin requires honoring them at every stage of the process. Our 21 Day Phyto Radiance Infusion, a remarkably non-interventionist approach, was developed to do just this. By leaving whole botanicals to infuse for three weeks in a temperature-controlled environment, our formulas slowly and gently capture a full-spectrum of healing nutrients in their optimal ratios, along with a range of small synergies that are often the plant’s secret to survival. In the end, every drop of Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum feeds the skin in a unique, all-encompassing way, offering everything your complexion needs to thrive.

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