Luxury Redefined

For us, true luxury has nothing to do with price, and everything to do with the passionate pursuit of ultimate quality. Ours is an approach rooted in age-old craftsmanship, but rarely seen in the world of beauty. Discover how we are redefining luxury and elevating high-performance, clean skincare in the process.

Begin Beautifully

We turn back to a time before inexpensive extracts and synthetics fillers became the norm, because exceptional results begin with exceptional, active, whole ingredients. Our whole botanicals are sourced from conscious farmers all over the world, many of whom have honed their craft for generations. It is an approach informed by the concept of terroir, and the understanding that there are places in the world that grow the very best of something.

Take The Time

Quality and time are inextricably linked, which is why our formulas take weeks, not hours. We developed our 21 day Phyto Radiance Infusion process as a modern version of the time-honored techniques once used by ancient healers and apothecaries. This weeks long process allows us to slowly extract the full-spectrum of nutrition from our incredible botanicals and infuse them into our formulas to deeply nourish your skin.

"Growing up in a winemaking family, the passionate pursuit of craft isn’t just an idea for me, it’s a way of being in the world. The kind of luxury we stand for at Vintner’s Daughter is one that I think most people can appreciate and connect with because it’s about the value of expertise, integrity and intention."

Founder, April Gargiulo 

Aim To Elevate

We distinguish between good and truly great. The latest developments in natural science offer the opportunity to elevate our formulas even further, whether that be a stabilized form of the notoriously unstable vitamin C, plant stem cells or hyaluronic. Our methods marry the ancient to the cutting edge, with category-defining results.

Add Timeless Value

Our quality is ultimately in service of unprecedented performance. It is not enough for a Vintner’s Daughter product to be all-natural and safe for anyone to use. It must also deliver the maximum amount of radiance-inducing results in the minimum amount of time spent. We devote the time required to make incredible, multi-correctional products so we can give that time back to you. 

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