Two Hero Ingredients Go Cutting-Edge

Why not elevate super ingredients even further? Active Treatment Essence leverages the latest advancements in natural science to take two tried-and-true skincare stars—hyaluronic acid and vitamin C—to new heights. When carefully combined in optimal ratios, these two next-gen wonders offer routine-transforming results.

For Maximum Hydration

MICRO AND MINI Hyaluronic Acid
With varying molecular sizes, the HA in Active Treatment Essence can penetrate deep within the skin, hydrating and supporting collagen production many layers down, while delivering instant hydration and plumping closer to the skin surface. This multi-level hydration is quenching enough to eliminate the need for a hyaluronic acid serum.

For Optimal Brightening

Famously unstable when exposed to light and air, vitamin C can easily lose potency. Active Treatment Essence contains a stabilized form of vitamin C in clinical percentages active enough to replace a stand-alone vitamin C serum. The aqueous solution instantly absorbs, so nothing is lost to oxidation on the surface, and our dark glass bottles prevent light exposure for lasting activity.

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