How Fermentation Benefits Your Skin

Fermentation is a process rooted in transformation, and has long been foundational to skincare in many parts of the world. But how does it actually benefit skin? Discover the ways our proprietary fermentation process—our 14 day Phyto Ferment—leads to better skin by elevating the formula for Active Treatment Essence to new, category-defining heights.  

Fermentation Active Treatment Essence

3 Benefits Of Fermentation

Amplifies Absorption
Plant actives can do incredible things for your skin, but the large molecular size of some actives prove difficult for the skin to absorb. The micro-organisms and enzymes introduced through fermentation in Active Treatment Essence break these molecules into smaller sizes that can easily penetrate the skin, delivering the benefits of each ingredient deep within the dermis.

Elevates Nutritional Impact
Fermentation is the secret to why wine has been shown to have greater antioxidant capacity than grape juice. Similarly, fermentation increases the nutritional density and efficacy of the already powerful ingredients used in Active Treatment Essence. Once fermented, many of the ingredients in our formulation become richer in skin-benefiting vitamins and exfoliating enzymes.

Introduces New Skin Saviors
Our unique fermentation component produces protecting probiotics, or healthy bacteria, shown to strengthen the skin barrier and aid in cellular turnover. The fermentation process can also boost natural ceramide production in the skin, which helps to fortify the skin barrier and seal in valuable hydration.

The Scent Of Performance

The accompanying scent is where many minds go when it comes to fermentation. Along with the 30+ botanicals used in the formulation for Active Treatment Essence, fermentation is what drives its defining, kombucha-like scent. This scent, which dissipates as it absorbs, reflects the incredible benefits our proprietary fermentation process adds, and rather than try and mask this, we celebrate it as the scent of remarkable results.

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