Botanical Remedies for Stressed Skin

Our skin is prone to dehydration, flare-ups, and overall dullness due to everything that comes with a modern life. Travel, parties, diet, sleep, and general hustle and bustle can all contribute to imbalanced skin from time to time.

Using a multi-correctional product like Active Botanical Serum can comprehensively address a bevy of issues, save you time, and deliver maximum results. Here is how some of our 22 performance-driven ingredients can make your skin shine bright this holiday season.


Hours spent in an airplane or car can create an imbalance in your skin’s moisture levels, which can lead to flare-ups. Tossing the travel-friendly 5 ml size of Active Botanical Serum in your purse so you can feed your skin mid-journey can be incredibly helpful at preventing dry patches. Our avocado, tamanu, evening primrose, and grapeseed oils work to nourish and protect dry skin. Before you apply your serum, spritz your skin with a hydrosol or pat in an essence. This method seals in hydration and allows the serum to penetrate more deeply for lasting moisture.


If you are experiencing puffiness from late night revelry, consider giving yourself a cooling, calming ice facial the morning after. It is as simple as running ice cubes over your skin for an instant tightening effect. While the skin is still damp, follow up with 5-6 drops of Active Botanical Serum to let the anti-inflammatory calendula, dandelion, and frankincense get to work. Don’t forget to enjoy every second of this treatment while you remember all the fun party moments from the night before.


Sometimes, holiday fun can show itself in the form of breakouts. Active Botanical Serum works wonderfully as a spot treatment because of balancing jasmine, neroli, and sea buckthorn. Apply one drop to the affected area several times each day to see serious shrinkage. It will help reduce redness, inflammation, and prevent discoloration. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your hands off of it and avoid picking.