Botanical Inspired Beauty Rituals

Making a conscious effort to embrace self-care in its many forms can be a beautiful and beneficial practice that can have a lasting, positive impact on your health. From taking the time for a walk outdoors, to having a tea with friends, to indulging in a mini-facial massage with Active Botanical Serum, self-care rituals are a way to make you feel your very best.

Incorporating natural, botanical ingredients from the earth into your beauty ritual routine is a grounding place to begin. Taking inspiration from some of the 22 ingredients in Active Botanical Serum, these rituals are timeless practices that impart radiance from the inside out.

Nettle Tea

Brewing a cup of nettle tea is a wonderful ritual for your inner health and outer radiance. Nettle is a powerful herb that has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to naturally flush away toxins in the body and skin. You can also give your hair a boost in vitality and shine by rinsing it with nettle tea — it is packed with nourishing silica and strengthening amino acids.

Rose Petal Bath

Drawing yourself a soothing bath with rose petals or rose oil is so much more than a relaxing beauty ritual. Like nettle, rose is anti-inflammatory, making it an ideal choice for a purifying bath supplement. Rose is also naturally antiseptic, which helps keep breakouts at bay. The scent calms and focuses the mind, which is an added bonus.

Turmeric Golden Milk

Turmeric is loaded with protecting antioxidants, which help safeguard your body and skin. Golden milk, a cinnamon, turmeric and ginger-spiked milk beverage from India, is a delicious way to up your antioxidant intake while giving your immune system a little boost because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Frankincense Meditation

Centering yourself in the present while observing the path of your thoughts is a time-honored form of self-care for the soul. Adding an essential oil like frankincense to your temples can add a grounding element to your meditation practice. Like breath or a mantra, it can help keep your mind from wandering and bring you back to the present.